Membership fee change for 2016-2017

06 May 2016 12:22 PM | Anonymous

You will recall that in July 2015, SIRA changed the way it was charging fees for membership. We moved from a $20 per household fee to a $10 fee for individual members.

The SIRA committee wasn’t entirely sure at which level the fees should have to be set, so it was decided to go with the lowest level and then review the membership after the first year.

While the total number of households with at least one member does not seem to have dropped, overall income has dropped. It is also the case that this year SIRA will experience a small financial loss.

The Committee has thus decided that the fees for 2016-2017 will be set at $15 per member.

Below there is a short summary of our financials, you can refer to the financial reports on the website for more information.

SIRA performs a number of essential community services and advocates on behalf of the Scotland Island Community. Without SIRA’s efforts, the Community Hall, the Emergency Non-Potable Water supply, the Community Vehicle, the information channels such as SIRA News and the website would not be funded. SIRA also provides some support for the PON. SIRA facilitates the important discussions we as community need to have and acts on the community’s behalf if this is necessary.

We hope that the Association will continue to receive support from the community. The financial contribution we ask is modest for the individual member, but is essential to enable the Committee to run the Association’s affairs.

Kind Regards,

SIRA Committee



There are 293 households who have at least one SIRA member. Before the change of the fee structure, this resulted in fee revenue of about $6,000. Post change, the same number of households are now contributing around $4,300. This creates a shortfall in the SIRA revenue, which we hope to remove with the fee increase.

SIRA Revenue

The ‘association’ part of SIRA has three sources of income: Membership fees ($4,000 to $6,000), a management fee for governing the Water Supply System of around $10,000 and some small donations, interest etc. The total comes to about $17,000.

SIRA Expenses

Expenses for running the Association (total approximately $20,000) and its activities include:

·         Sponsoring of community events such as festivals

·         Financial support for the kindy (SIOCS)

·         Community Hall

·         Advocacy: printing of posters, flyers, transport for members to council meetings

·         Sponsorship of Pittwater Offshore Newsletter

·         Membership systems and membership administration.

·         Accounting and audits

·         Website maintenance

 * Excludes the emergency non-potable water operation financials

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